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Feeling ill for years?

Updated: Feb 21, 2019

Have you noticed? Almost everyone you know has some type of health problem.

"I have rheumatoid arthritis and nodules. From what?" "I've got diabetes. I can't lose weight and I hardly eat anything. How is that?" "I have cancer and so do 7 other people in my neighborhood. Is there a connection?" "Five elderly parents in our small community have Parkinsons. How can that be?" "Almost everyone we know has a thyroid issue. What is causing this?" "Why are so many people having their gall bladders or thyroids taken out? Doesn't this seem odd?"


HAVE YOU NOTICED?  Most everyone is on at least 3 pharmaceuticals and 2 regularly taken over-the-counter drugs; or they are scheduled for some type of biopsy or surgery to remove something. Many are over-weight or obese. All talk about decreased energy. So tired. Although exhausted, many cannot sleep! How many pharmaceutical drugs are your children on?

Are you being told the following? ~It's your genetics. It runs in your family. It's your age. ~You need to reduce your stress and lose weight ~You are given another prescription to manage the symptoms. ~You are scheduled more scans, biopsies and even surgeries to remove organs.

OR HAVE YOU BEEN TOLD THIS? You are being over-exposed to toxic chemicals in your environment everywhere!  In your food. In the water you drink and the air you breathe. The soaps and creams and ointments you are putting on your body. 

Are you aware that you are being inundated with toxic chemicals and your body cannot keep up processing all these toxic chemicals? 

Are you aware that you are being inundated with toxic chemicals and your body cannot keep up processing all these toxic chemicals? 

There is one chemical that you wont find on a label. Nor have you been notified that it is in 75% of our food supply: GLYPHOSATE. Have you heard of it? The brand name you might recognize as ROUND UP. Manufactured by Monsanto.

A molecule genetically engineered into corn, soy, sugar beets and potatoes; virtually every processed food has some kind of corn or soy or sugar derivative ~ and so comes the glyphosate molecule. AND our fruits and vegetables, including wheat and oats are graced with the chemical residue. Our grains are often sprayed to desiccate the plant material so the grain falls out simply with ease. However, you will not find this chemical labeled on your food. GLYPHOSATE CANNOT BE ELIMINATED by the BODY on its own ..... Let that sink in for a moment ..... THE BODY CANNOT ELIMINATE IT in its molecular form ....... It is a molecule manufactured in a lab. It is not a normal occurring molecule in our world and it is designed to kill. 

HOWEVER, there is A SOLUTION! Until this chemical is banned from our country, one USA company has found a solution. This company is the ONLY one to-date that has taken on a position of ANTI-GLYPHOSATE and created a product that NEUTRALIZES it. 

"I have been using this product for a month, and have improvements with no acne breakouts, no bloating in my gut, no more inflammation in my ankles and feet and I'm having normal daily bowel habits. AND the greatest thing I've noticed is clearer thinking, NO HEAD PRESSURE and a greater feeling of being HAPPY!" ~ Lori D.  For more details, CONTACT ME. You and your family no longer need to suffer.

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